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Things have been BUSY since my last post. Not only did I start my summer job working at a dentist’s office, but I’ve had to deal with a broken AC in 95+ degree weather, lots of errands, and just general summer break laziness.

But I have also been taking advantage of the lovely kitchen that I now have access to; cooking and baking has really helped me stay sane throughout all of the crazy that I feel has been going on. New recipes have kept me running (and spending lots of money at the grocery store).

Some new things I have made: sweet potato scones, cucumber-avocado soup, “healthy” chocolate chip cookies, chickpea curry, and stuff tomatoes (lots of them).

Also, on the running front, I have been running pretty consistently since the beginning/middle of May. So cooking and running, my two favorite things in the world, have been going fabulously for me.

I’m going to really really try to make more regular posts and put up some lovely food pictures that I’ve taken over the last month or so. I miss having a place to just babble and vent!


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