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Fraises et fromage

It’s been a heck of a long, stressful¬†day. And to be honest, my eating was quite mediocre. Lunch was a large whole wheat roll, a banana, and chickpea salad (chickpeas, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, and assorted herbs). Afternoon snack was chocolate covered pretzels and some pita chips. Talk about hearty and nutritious eating today ūüėČ My “dinner”/nighttime snack was some sliced strawberries on top of a huge serving of ricotta cheese…so incredibly delish.


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There’s nothing better than a good eggplant parmesan (Catie, you were right!). And while my eggplant parmesan wasn’t exactly tradition, it sure was tasty…especially considering it was cooked in a microwave. And it was super easy to make with very few ingredients: just an eggplant, marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and 2 tbsp. of wheat germ for the “parmesan topping”. 10 microwave minutes later you have a delicious imitation of eggplant parm without all the crazy grease and frying and baking. Granted, that’s what makes eggplant parm so darn delicious but in a pinch this will do, especially when health is in mind. Paired with a small vegetarian Caesar salad, this made for a quick Italian¬†meal. I also snacked on an apple with some pumpkin pie spice (not pictured).¬†The best part about tonight’s dinner? I have at least 2 night’s worth of leftovers…so this microwave parm will be making appearances for the rest of the week. I guess I’ll find out if leftover eggplant parmesan truly is better than when its originally made.

My dinner:

I’m off to finish watching Good Eats and do some more chem studying. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight because I have to be up bright and early for chem lab.

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I confess…I spent the entire day in my pajamas and I was not about to get all dressed up just to go grab some dinner (I’m not one of those students that feels comfortable wandering around campus in my pajamas). So instead of trying to be at least a little creative, I had a melange of random things: a veggie¬†burger, baby carrots with hummus, kashi¬†crackers (I ended up eating more than pictured)¬†and a kiwi (I also snacked on strawberries about an hour before dinner). It was delicious but most definitely one of my laziest meals yet.¬†I¬†knew the “meal” didn’t make sense just by looking at it.¬†But hey, as long as it tastes good…

I was going to make something special tonight¬†but just wasn’t in the mood for it. Since I don’t have an abundance of ingredients to make it, I’d like to save it for a night that I’m really craving it (and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is ūüėČ But here’s a hint for all you fellow¬†Food Network addicts: it was featured on an episode of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown last week).

In true Ellie fashion, I had to have a nighttime snack. It was the same as last night’s; a plump plum and a mug of hazelnut Belgium coffee (which I’m beginning to think will takeover the spot previously held by hot chocolate. Every sip just gets better and better). Quite yum.

I also confess that I have been wanting to bake quite¬†a bit¬†more than usual lately. Seriously, baking is all I can think about; cakes, cupcakes, pies…you name it, I’ve dreamt about it. It’s a bizarre phenomenon because prior to, well, now I never considered myself to be a baker (I am infamous for messing up simple cookies). Watching Nigella Feasts this morning didn’t help with this burning desire one bit; it was her “chocolate feast” epsiode and, after seeing the chocolate cake she made, I had to restrain myself. Could this be a new passion being born? Maybe it’s just my sweet tooth taking over? Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been watching waaaaaay too much baking on the Food Network this weekend?¬†All I know is that I want to bake a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies right now.

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Smells like a turkey dinner

That’s what the girls in my hall said after I had microwave-baked my sweet potato. It’s amazing that something as simple as sweet potato smells can conjure up thoughts of Thanksgiving. I felt like I definitely would have the best dinner on the floor ūüôā But, sadly, I think I let my sweet potato cook for a minute or two too long because it got a little dried up; I always forget how strong the microwave we have is (it’s pretty much industrial strength…). At least now I know. And really, despite the fact that it didn’t come out exactly as I imagined it would, it was still edible and pretty delicious. I mashed it all up, put in a scoop of ricotta cheese, pumpkin pie spice,¬†and a tbsp. of chopped walnuts, and mixed everything together. It was a good combination and the next time I microwave-bake a sweet potato it’ll be much better because I’ve ‘learned my lesson’.

Today has been quite the snacky day though. I ended up having a handful of almonds around 4:00 because my stomach was gurgling extremely loudly and I felt like it was way too early to consider having dinner.

After dinner I had my first plum of the season…and it did not disappoint. It was just ripe enough to be slightly juicy and had the perfect combination of sweet/tart. Yummo. I love plums more than life itself.

I also had a mug of hazelnut Belgian coffee. I wanted hot chocolate because my sweet tooth was getting to be out of control but I’m fresh out of hot chocolate mix so this was the next best thing. I’m not much of a coffee girl but it really was surprisingly good…almost better than hot chocolate because it turned out much creamier and much less processed tasting (despite the fact that it’s just as processed…I’d like to make my own hot chocolate mix at some point). But now that I know that I like this coffee “mix” I can get more creative with it…

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Good Eats

Although this title was inspired by Alton Brown’s show Good Eats (which I am watching as I type), this evening’s eats were most definitely good. Mr. Brown probably would not have approved of my extremely basic meal but my appetite still isn’t back full force. Thankfully it is coming back. Because I haven’t had much of an appetite, my creativity hasn’t been at its prime so I do admit that my¬†dinner was quite lame. I had a small vegetarian Caesar salad with some balsamic vinegar, grapes, Kashi crackers, and some baby carrots. Not the best meal ever but it satisfied me and that’s what is important…I’m just hoping that I get my full appetite back sooner rather than later.

My nighttime snack, however, was the. best. snack. ever. I decided that I wanted to try a Jocalat bar and it completely blew me away…I tried the chocolate mint flavor tonight. I know it’s not anything like cheese cake but the taste¬†completely reminded me of cheese cake…something about the texture and the subtle sweetness; they are¬†absolutely nothing like a cheap candy bar and everything like a high¬†quality food.¬†I thought that Larabars were amazing, but Jocalat bars blow them out of the water. 1 serving of fruit + vitamins and minerals + chocolate + complete satisfaction of my sweet tooth = best. snack. ever. I also had a kiwi, which was the ending to a great day of happy eating.

The best part about tonight? Tomorrow is Friday!

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Snacky night

I just wanted to pop in and say that it’s been quite the snacky night so there won’t be a formal dinner post tonight…I didn’t take pictures of every little snack I ate and there was no actual meal, per se, just lots of different things that my body was telling me I needed.

¬†Hooray for intuitive eating ūüôā

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I had the most divine Sunday ever. Usually I’m not a fan of Sundays because Sunday brings Monday and the back-to-the-grind routine but today made up for every single bad Sunday I’ve ever had. About 10 times over. Today was not productive in the traditional sense; if you measure productivity¬†by the amount of work done, I spent the entire afternoon being a brainless blob. But despite the fact that I didn’t get quite as much homework done as I had hoped, the stars aligned for everything else. After taking a “break” from studying, I pretty much gave up on trying to use my brain and pulled out Julie and Julia. Altogether,¬†I read about 100 pages of it today, alternating reading with watching the Food Network. Around 5:00, I finally convinced myself to get dressed and I went out to grab some dinner…but because it was so nice out, after I picked up dinner, I walked around campus until 6:00. After dinner I continued to read and ultimately decided to go to an 8:00 yoga class, which I just got back from (and it left me feeling cleansed and relaxed).

For lunch I had a pear, 1/4 cup raisins, Kashi crackers, and baby carrots. My appetite was all wonky so I figured I’d listen to my body and not force myself to eat a big lunch.

For dinner I had veggie sushi and some strawberries. I was planning on having a different dinner but the weather wasn’t conducive to a really hot or heavy dinner so I changed my mind and went for sushi (plus talk of sushi on the TV made me realize how badly I really did want it). I didn’t have any soy sauce with my sushi tonight (like I usually d0) and I’m so glad that I didn’t because I really got to taste all of the avocado…I never had *really* tasted it before because the soy sauce covers it up, but I loved the smooth texture and the creamy flavor.

After yoga I was hungry again so I had a nectarine and a kiwi topped with a dollop of plain yogurt…a perfect nighttime snack.

The combination of good food and relaxation has me feeling rejuvinated and ready to take on the week…which is good, considering tomorrow is Monday!

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