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Satisfying my sweet tooth

After watching Ultimate Recipe Showdown (the cake episode!) on FoodTV, I needed a sugar fix. I have an extremely strong sweet tooth and, if I lived in a perfect world, could probably eat dessert all day long. But since this isn’t a perfect world I can’t eat 3 square meals of dessert, I decided to have some plain yogurt with black raspberry jam and crushed walnuts. Sure, it’s not the same as molten chocolate coconut cake, but it’s still quite delicious; the walnuts add a wonderful crunchy and nutty texture that just plain yogurt and jam doesn’t have.

Before mixing:

After mixing:


While doing some of my history reading, I made myself a huge mug of honey vanilla white tea chai. I definitely think it’s my favorite new tea; when I first bought it I had no idea what to expect but I definitely am pleased with the flavor. It has a chai taste but it’s also distinctly vanilla, which really cannot be said about regular vanilla chai. The only downside is that it is caffeinated (I am extremely sensitive to caffeine so I try to only have it in the morning) but considering I was exhausted, I figured one mug wouldn’t hurt.

Bagels, cheese, and soup…oh my

I knew that I had to finish off my peakish looking bagels so for dinner I spread some Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow cheese on a whole wheat bagel and topped the meal off with Amy’s Southwestern vegetable soup. It wasn’t quite soup weather when I planned out my dinner but I wasn’t in the mood for a salad; the weather must’ve sensed the soup being heated up because it turned damp and rainy at just the right time. There’s something about rainy weather that makes soup that much more enjoyable. And I’ve got to say that the soup had just the right amount of spice and vegetables.

My whole dinner:

The soup:

Close-up of bagel + Laughing Cow:

 Feeling snacky

Because I always need a “midnight snack”, I reached for a semi-ripe nectarine and a handful of baked almonds. The almonds are so wonderful; my taste buds are shocked every time I eat them. I don’t know exactly how to describe the taste…but I’m telling you, if you have the time to make some baked almonds, you definitely definitely should. I promise, you won’t regret it.

(FYI: This isn’t a new picture, but it’s the same snack with the same look!)

Great news…

After doing some research on my local natural food store, I they are virtually a full grocery store (on a very tiny scale) and they carry a broader range of Amy’s products than my usual grocery shopping haunt. But to top it all off, there is a cute little cafe with homemade foods. Earlier today I was lamenting over the fact that I don’t have any Whole Foods-esque store or a natural foods restaurant nearby but I think I have found a remedy. I will definitely be making a trip there next weekend (when the dining halls have bizarre hours due to Easter). I cannot wait!

 I think that today was an overall good day. There’s nothing wrong with delicious food and no classes.


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Amazing oatmeal

I think I have found my favorite oatmeal mixture yet. Yesterday I mentioned that my concotion of rolled oats, plain yogurt, and wheat germ would be better with some of the black raspberry jam that I bought. So today I made 1/2 cup rolled oats with plain yogurt, a tbsp. of wheat germ, and a tbsp. of black raspberry jam and it really was amazing. I also had a perfectly ripe banana (can’t go wrong with that!)

All mixed up:

I may make this again tomorrow and add some granola on top. I bet it’d taste like a crisp. My stomach is growling just thinking about it!

After nearly inhaling my oatmeal and banana I made myself a cup of honey vanilla white tea chai. It was definitely a departure from the “normal” chai that I usually drink, but in a good way. Even the smell was heavenly. I drank the entire mug with a splash of skim milk.

 Happy Friday!

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It’s a cold, windy night and there’s nothing better than a huge mug of chamomile tea on a cold, windy night when plain water just isn’t appealing. Because I am extremely sensitive to caffeine my English breakfast tea affair has been temporarily suspended but I am always on the lookout for new and yummy teas (or, in the caffeine-free world, tisanes).


While at the grocery store, I stumbled upon honey vanilla chamomile (made by Celestial Seasonings). I love both honey and vanilla and this tea is truly a delicious blend of both flavors and a delightful twist on traditional chamomile. And with a splash of milk, it’s the perfect way to warm up and relax.

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