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It’s a wrap!

After lounging around for a bit, I decided to hit the gym. Since I don’t trust my knee to run yet, I hopped onto the elliptical for 50 minutes. I’m really not a huge fan of the elliptical but it’s better than nothing and much less of a production than swimming, which I wasn’t in the mood for today.

When I was done with the gym I was walking home thinking about what I wanted for lunch when I realized I haven’t had my lovely veggie wrap in such a loooong time. It feels like it’s been forever! So I decided to stop at the sandwich shop and pick one up for lunch…filled with all my usual and favorite sandwich toppings: lettuce, tomato, green peppers, onions, banana peppers, sweet peppers, and mustard (lots…the person making my sandwich had a very heavy mustard hand). I also had a nice juicy apple on the side. I have to say that it definitely hit the spot; it’s hard to go wrong with any type of sandwich.


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Lazy lunch

I had planned on heading to the dining hall for lunch but when it started raining, I decided against it. Walking anywhere in the rain is just not fun so I avoid it when I can. Thankfully I had some lunch-worthy things in my refrigerator so I really didn’t have to worry about going out in the gross weather. I ended up having a veggie burger, Kashi crackers,  a nectarine (which was mealy and not very tasty….blech), and green pepper strips with roasted garlic hummus.

It’s been an extremely lazy day…the complete opposite of yesterday, it seems. I did 35 minutes of yoga this morning and did some reading for psychology but otherwise I’ve just been relaxing and watching the Food Network. I really don’t like being this lazy but I really needed a day like this. I’ve been so stressed out lately that I had to stop and take a rest.

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Feeling snacky

It’s been quite a snacky afternoon; because I got into the groove of studying I didn’t want to take a big long break for lunch and I ended up having a series of smaller snack-meals instead. I probably should have stopped and taken a break but I knew that if I had gotten out of the homework rhythm it’d be extremely difficult for me to get back into it.

My first snack was some trail mix.

Then I had a mint-chocolate Jocolat bar.

Finally, my “lunch” consisted of a whole wheat bagel with ricotta cheese and black raspberry jam with an apple on the side. I have to say that I really loved the ricotta cheese + black raspberry jam combination and it will definitely be making a comeback.

Now…off to do more studying!

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Impressionable appetite

As usual, my break from studying consisted of turning on the Food Network and watching an episode of Everyday Italian. On this episode she made a wonderful looking sandwich using a baguette, tuna, artichoke hearts, and black olives. Just watching her put the sandwich together made me salivate. So of course I developed a hankering for tuna fish (despite the fact that I don’t have any of the other ingredients) and I had to have some. Thanks Giada.

I mixed 1 can of chunk light tuna (in water) with dijonnaise and used it to top a bed of salad greens. To make the meal a littler “rounder” I had also had some Kashi crackers and green pepper slices with hummus.

It was a nice light lunch, which ended up being perfect because large lunches make me sleep and unmotivated. But it bumped my plan for sweet potatoes so hopefully I’ll be in the mood for them tonight because I bought 2 and I need to use them up before they start heading south.

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Perfect day for some soup

Although it’s not cold or damp out, it sure is rainy. And rainy weather puts me in the mood for soup…which is guess is perfect considering I’m still trying to be gentle on my stomach. The only soup I had in my room was Amy’s Butternut Squash and I was a bit nervous about it at first because, since I’ve never eaten it before, I wasn’t sure how my stomach would react but it turns out that it’s pretty darn delicious, especially with Kashi crackers. The soup really (surprisingly) filled me up so I didn’t end up finishing all of the crackers. I don’t know that I’d run out and buy this particular soup again but it didn’t disappoint.

Before lunch, at around 11:00 or so, I had a nectarine as a midmorning snack. There’s nothing like fruit and studying 😉

During my breaks I’ve been browsing my new cookbook. Some of the recipes are “duh” (like a peanut butter and apple sandwich…I mean, really) but most of the recipes look great, if a bit complicated for me at the moment. I’d love to try them all but I just don’t have the money to run out and buy a million ingredients at this time of the semester (4 1/2 weeks left! I’m running low on moolah!). There are quite a few extremely simple yet tasty looking recipes that I am definitely looking forward to trying, though; I think I’m going to try one new recipe every week…that way I can get some variety without straining my wallet. I think the first recipe I’m going to try is scrambled mushrooms with tofu and curry

Anywho, it’s time for me to start getting ready for psychology class; it usually doesn’t start until 3:30 but I’m taking part in a health study today so I need to be there an hour early.

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I had the most divine Sunday ever. Usually I’m not a fan of Sundays because Sunday brings Monday and the back-to-the-grind routine but today made up for every single bad Sunday I’ve ever had. About 10 times over. Today was not productive in the traditional sense; if you measure productivity by the amount of work done, I spent the entire afternoon being a brainless blob. But despite the fact that I didn’t get quite as much homework done as I had hoped, the stars aligned for everything else. After taking a “break” from studying, I pretty much gave up on trying to use my brain and pulled out Julie and Julia. Altogether, I read about 100 pages of it today, alternating reading with watching the Food Network. Around 5:00, I finally convinced myself to get dressed and I went out to grab some dinner…but because it was so nice out, after I picked up dinner, I walked around campus until 6:00. After dinner I continued to read and ultimately decided to go to an 8:00 yoga class, which I just got back from (and it left me feeling cleansed and relaxed).

For lunch I had a pear, 1/4 cup raisins, Kashi crackers, and baby carrots. My appetite was all wonky so I figured I’d listen to my body and not force myself to eat a big lunch.

For dinner I had veggie sushi and some strawberries. I was planning on having a different dinner but the weather wasn’t conducive to a really hot or heavy dinner so I changed my mind and went for sushi (plus talk of sushi on the TV made me realize how badly I really did want it). I didn’t have any soy sauce with my sushi tonight (like I usually d0) and I’m so glad that I didn’t because I really got to taste all of the avocado…I never had *really* tasted it before because the soy sauce covers it up, but I loved the smooth texture and the creamy flavor.

After yoga I was hungry again so I had a nectarine and a kiwi topped with a dollop of plain yogurt…a perfect nighttime snack.

The combination of good food and relaxation has me feeling rejuvinated and ready to take on the week…which is good, considering tomorrow is Monday!

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Takin’ a break

Studying is going extremely well…I am getting so much done! I’m incredibly impressed with myself; I just need to keep up with this productivity.

But of course I needed to take some breaks. Good nutrition is extremely important during long study periods because it helps with mental alertness and energy in general. I know that when I’m hungry, I can’t concentrate for the life of me. So for my mid-morning/study break snack, I mixed some “homemade” trail mix. In order to do this, I took a handful of almonds, a handful of Whole Foods Pacific Almond trail mix, and a handful of Annie’s chocolate chip Bunny grahams. Altogether it tasted delicious…although I admit that the Bunny Grahams were my favorite. I have such a sweet tooth and a complete love for cookies and those definitely satisfied it!

My lunch break (which is sadly coming to close as I type) was wonderful as well. I turned on the Food Network and watched Everyday Italian (I have such a girl-crush on Giada and I am in love with that show…all of those food close-ups are amazing!) while eating a Garden veggie burger on a whole wheat sandwich roll, a pear, and 1/2 cup plain yogurt with 2 tbsp. chopped walnuts. The pear wasn’t quite ripe enough to simply bite into so I cut it up into small, bite size pieces and I have to say that I definitely enjoy eating it that way. Sometimes it’s nice to just bite into a big, juicy pear but the pieces made it last longer, which was just as enjoyable!

Back to reading for history; I’m reading the chapter on the Cold War and it is extremely interesting!

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