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Things have been BUSY since my last post. Not only did I start my summer job working at a dentist’s office, but I’ve had to deal with a broken AC in 95+ degree weather, lots of errands, and just general summer break laziness.

But I have also been taking advantage of the lovely kitchen that I now have access to; cooking and baking has really helped me stay sane throughout all of the crazy that I feel has been going on. New recipes have kept me running (and spending lots of money at the grocery store).

Some new things I have made: sweet potato scones, cucumber-avocado soup, “healthy” chocolate chip cookies, chickpea curry, and stuff tomatoes (lots of them).

Also, on the running front, I have been running pretty consistently since the beginning/middle of May. So cooking and running, my two favorite things in the world, have been going fabulously for me.

I’m going to really really try to make more regular posts and put up some lovely food pictures that I’ve taken over the last month or so. I miss having a place to just babble and vent!


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I’m sorry for the lack of posts today. I have been a very negligent blogger! But it turns out that I was just being a dutiful student who needs to do extremely well on her chem exam tomorrow. So all photography has been traded for thermochemistry, quantum theory, and atomic structure. I much prefer food to studying but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Wish me luck!

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No. More. Chemistry.

It’s been a heck of a long day; Mondays always are because I have 3 classes plus an extra review session for chemistry (which I try to go to every week, even when I don’t feel like it simply because chemistry is not my best subject…it doesn’t hurt that I have a good looking chem prof though!). I call Mondays my “chemistry days” because I feel like it’s all I do all day long. And since I have an exam coming up Wednesday I’m doing even more today. My brain is nearly fried and I have so much more to do.

 Lunch was great though. I had some veggie sushi and a (somewhat overripe) nectarine. The veggie sushi was definitely the highlight of the meal. The avocado in the rolls is just fantastic. I can’t believe that I used to mask all of that taste with salty soy sauce. I also had a chocolate-mint Jocolat bar before the chem review session because I could feel my blood sugar level dropping….I needed it just to get through the session. The rainy, grey weather wasn’t helping my energy either. It’s yucky out there.

 I have some good comfort food planned for dinner though so that should help take away some of my stress and exhaustion. Hopefully. I’m nervous to see how it comes out.

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Oatmeal rut?

 Happy Easter everyone! (It’s not my Easter because I’m Greek Orthodox but I’ll enjoy the chocolate all the same 😉 )

Last night I had decided that I wanted to branch out in regards to my oatmeal consumption (actually, in regards to all of my consumption. I posted 2 new recipes on my ‘Favorite Foods’ page that I invented due to insomnia). There’s nothing wrong with having the same thing in oatmeal day after day if it’s a good combination, but variety is truly the spice. This morning, however, I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to branch out…the idea of banana and wheat germ in my oatmeal sounded cozy and delicious. So I made banana-wheat germ oatmeal and a big mug of Irish breakfast tea with a splash of skim milk. I always knew that I was a creature of habit and that I could eat the same thing for days on end, but what’s a girl to do when I want to explore new combinations but my taste buds and stomach don’t?

At any rate, breakfast was delicious and it should hold me over until my mid-morning snack…like usual. I have plenty of laundry and studying to do today (and I have plans for some home-practice yoga) but I don’t think today will be quite as homework-centric because I managed to get so much done yesterday!

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Busy busy busy

I just wanted to pop in and say that I don’t have time to do a long, wonderful food post tonight. I am completely bogged down with homework and I should not be playing around on the computer right now! But no worries, I shall return with a vengeance tomorrow…

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