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It’s a wrap!

After lounging around for a bit, I decided to hit the gym. Since I don’t trust my knee to run yet, I hopped onto the elliptical for 50 minutes. I’m really not a huge fan of the elliptical but it’s better than nothing and much less of a production than swimming, which I wasn’t in the mood for today.

When I was done with the gym I was walking home thinking about what I wanted for lunch when I realized I haven’t had my lovely veggie wrap in such a loooong time. It feels like it’s been forever! So I decided to stop at the sandwich shop and pick one up for lunch…filled with all my usual and favorite sandwich toppings: lettuce, tomato, green peppers, onions, banana peppers, sweet peppers, and mustard (lots…the person making my sandwich had a very heavy mustard hand). I also had a nice juicy apple on the side. I have to say that it definitely hit the spot; it’s hard to go wrong with any type of sandwich.


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Insomniac oatmeal

I got very little sleep last night (as in 3 1/2 hours of unrestful sleep…caused by sleeping in yesterday morning and the tiny amount of caffeine that I thought would sit well since it did the night before). But sometimes sitting in bed with absolutely no hint that sleep will come soon can be a good thing; I always come up with my best concoctions when I’m lying in bed and unable to sleep for some reason. Last night’s idea was a complete and total winner. I think it may just may be my best yet. I was sitting there thinking about how I shouldn’t have had the hazelnut Belgian coffee that late and about how my strawberries were going bad really quickly for some reason…and a new oatmeal baby was born: Strawberry-Hazelnut Oatmeal. So simple yet sooooo delish; it’s just 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/4 cup water, 2 1/2 tsp. hazelnut Belgian coffee powder, and 4 medium sized strawberries all sliced up. It was like a party in my mouth!

Also, good news on the workout front and the reason for such a late breakfast post: I went on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes with a negligible amount of knee pain. It’s a miracle! I think I’m going to stick with the elliptical for this week (despite the fact that I really don’t like it. Actually, I hate it and it makes me want to gouge my eyes out) because I don’t want to start running and get all excited that I’m virtually pain-free and end up irritating the nasty little bugger (a tiny, miniscule piece of tissue) again. Maybe if I bring a magazine with me the elliptical will seem a little less like a hamster wheel. But really, it was great to just be able to do some “cardio” (yeah, I don’t like this word. It’s quite cringe-worthy. It makes me feel like a gym rat, which I am most defintiely not).

What the little piece of tissue is…a medial plica:

Anywho, it’s going to be a long day for me so lunch will be posted rather late. But I have some good food planned for today so stay tuned (I may just be making “it” for dinner tonight 😉 ).

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Postively delicious

This has been a great afternoon. Although I spent the majority of it doing homework, I got a lot done and I won’t have to spend a million hours doing more tomorrow. I also found out that the chemistry homework that I thought was due Monday is really due on the 31st, so that definitely brightened up my day.

At 3:15 I took a 50 minute yoga class and it was quite possibly the best yoga class I’ve taken this semester (despite the fact that I really haven’t taken all that many yoga classes this semester). The instructor really knew what she was doing and everything moved in a nice fluid motion. And since the instructor knew what she was doing, I was able to relax much more and just listen to my body. Plus she added in some more challenging poses that I don’t do regularly during yoga practices and that was amazing as well.

After yoga I had an afternoon snack of honey chamomile tea and a kiwi. I felt nice and cleansed after class so that was the perfect snack to top the practice off with.

Dinner was wonderful as well. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood for so I put my creative hat on and had tuna fish mixed with dijonnaise on top of romaine lettuce and a serving of Kashi crackers and baby carrots on the side. I was actually quite surprised at how delicious the tuna with dijonnaise was; the taste wasn’t extremely overpowering but there was just enough bite from the mustard and creaminess from the “mayo” so the mixture was perfect. All in all it was a light dinner that left me feeling satisfied.

My nighttime snack, which I had a bit earlier than usual, was a huge mug of cinnamon apple spice tea and a Cherry pie Larabar. I’ll be honest…the cherry pie Larabars have definitely been growing on me. It figures that as soon as I have one left I realize how much I really do like them. I really hope that my order of Jocolat bars comes in soon but according to my Amazon account they won’t be shipped until Monday 😦

Time to relax!

Edited to add that I had a delicious nectarine. Best. Fruit. Ever.

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I’m so glad that today is over. I don’t like to wish days away but today was just one of those bizarre, everything seems off days. Tuesdays tend to be that way for me…moreso than Mondays. But tomorrow is hump day! And less hectic! I’m so looking forward to not having to run from place to place with a backpack stuffed to the gills with books, snacks, and water.

I manage to relax some, however (but I didn’t lift weights like I had planned…) I took my first yoga class since January. My body was extremely tight and I used muscles that I haven’t used in months, but it felt great. I really need to get back into the yoga habit because I love what it does for me, both mentally and physically.

Dinner was monotonous but a huge improvement over lunch; no moldy applesauce for me this evening! I had my fall-back dinner of a spinach wrap with veggies and mustard, baby carrots, and skim milk. It’s getting to the point of needing to find a new option for dinner because I seem to be rotating the same meals throughout the week. I’m not getting sick of this meal, but I know how important variety is.

On that note, I just made an investment on Amazon.com. I bought a vegan microwave cookbook (I’m not vegan but I love veggies, I’m always up for something new, and I don’t eat very much meat so it seemed like a good fit!) and some Jocolat bars (made by the Larabar people but with a nice infusion of dark chocolate. yum). I told myself that I wouldn’t make purchases like that but I couldn’t pass down those opportunities. They’ll be put to good use so it’s not like I wasted my money.

For my nighttime snack I had a spinoff of last night’s apple creation: a golden delicious apple with pumpkin pie spice, plain yogurt, and 2 tbsp. of crushed walnuts (but I didn’t microwave it tonight). It was quite delicious. I almost died of walnut-y goodness. I love walnuts. Again, I would love to put some granola on this but I need to buy some non-PB granola when I go to the grocery store this weekend.

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It’s Saturday and it’s absolutely beautiful out. Days like this make me want to just pack up my things and sit outside all day long. But I have lots of homework to do (which is the reason for the lack of a dinner post last night) and I need. to. focus.

Pre-workout snack

I woke up extremely late this morning (9:30) because of very disrupted sleep last night; there are train tracks just down the road from the building I live in and the train whistle was constantly waking me up. So instead of having breakfast and then a pre-workout snack, I just grabbed my pre-workout snack: a banana and a ThinkOrganic bar. ThinkOrganic bars are just like Larabars; they’re just as delicious but a bit smaller and just perfect for before a workout. I love the Tropical nut flavor because of the cashews in it. Yum.


After eating my snack, I pulled out my yoga mat and did my physical therapy exercises; they’re just simple hamstring/quad strengtheners but they really are useful and helpful. Then I headed to the gym for a 1 hour swim: I did 20 minutes breastroke, 17 minutes of kicking drills, and 23 more minutes of breastroke. I’m actually starting to really like the pool.


After swimming, I was really craving a salad so I headed to my regular salad/sandwich place and picked up a Greek garden salad. It was incredibly delicious and I love when they have this kind of salad because it’s the closest thing to a salad I’d eat on my own that I’ve come across in a dining hall. It’s made of romaine lettuce, red onions, green peppers, feta cheese (!!), cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and Kalamata olives…a very wonderful combination if I do say so myself.


Kiwis are perfect snacks. They’re portable, delicious, and sweet. I just recently started eating them with the skin and I have to say that I like them much better that way; it ups the fiber and the taste as well.

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After a terrible night’s sleep, today has seemed like it’s been 3 days long…and certainly not a Thursday. Tuesday or Wednesday maybe, but definitely not a Thursday.

 On the bright side, I have gotten quite a bit done today.

“Pre-workout” snack

I had been planning on heading to the gym right when I woke up so I grabbed a Blueberry crisp Clif bar (which are absolutely delicious) for some quick fuel. But because I slept in until 7:45, I realized (after eating) that I wouldn’t have time to both lift weights and swim without rushing before the pool closed for morning cleaning at 9:00. So my pre-workout snack was more of a pre-grocery store snack, but it was good all the same.

Off to the grocery store

Since I couldn’t sleep and I decided to push back my gym time, I took a trip to the grocery store (at 8 a.m…). I spent about $15 more than I had been planning on spending but soome of the things I bought should last me at least 2 weeks, if not more. We’ll see.

I bought:

  • Skim milk
  • Lowfat plain yogurt
  • Black raspberry jam
  • Wheat English muffins
  • Wheat germ
  • ThinkOrganic bars
  • Nectarines
  • Kiwis
  • Baby carrots
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • Stickers (!)
  • Breakfast bowl
  • Portabella veggie burgers

My nice and full fruit bowl…finally:


When I got back from the grocery store I was hungry again so I made some oatmeal with some of my new ingredients: I mixed 1/2 cup oatmeal with plain yogurt and wheat germ. The wheat germ added in a great nutty flavor. I wish I had thought to stir in some of my new jam, but that didn’t occur to me until after I had eaten…but I will definitely be doing that the next time I make this combination. I love finding new ways to make oatmeal. It’s amazing how one food can be so versatile.


After my breakfast digested a bit, I finally headed off to the gym. I did a little over 30 minutes in the weight room (working on my arms and abs only…no leg exercises yet). I have never really loved lifting before but I decided that I’d give the free weights another try and I’ve decided that it is so much better than using the machines. After lifting, I headed to the pool and did 45 minutes total: 30 minutes of alternating breast stroke and freestyle (but mostly breast stroke because freestyle aggravated my knee) and then 15 minutes of kicking drills.

When I was done with my swim I hopped into the hot tub for 10 minutes and that really helped to loosen up my legs. It was great. I will definitely be doing that again.


I really enjoyed my lunch today. I had a large salad with lots of veggies and balsamic vinegar, a portabella veggie burger on a whole wheat English muffin, and baby carrots. Vegetables are seriously wonderful. I don’t know that I’m such a huge fan of the portabella veggie burger; it was good but not amazing. I love the “traditional” Garden Burgers much better so I think I’m going to go back to those once this box is done.

My salad:

My sandwich, carrots, and my awesome Sigg water bottle:

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I have an abundance of Kashi bars, Clif bars, and Odwalla bars…but no fruit or milk or yogurt. I am dying to go to the grocery store and restock my refrigerator but it doesn’t look like I’ll have that chance until at least Thursday (but maybe tomorrow depending on my schedule).

I’ve already made a preliminary list:

  • Whole wheat English muffins
  • Wheat germ
  • Yogurt
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • Milk
  • Veggie burgers
  • Fruit
  • ThinkOrganic bars

I’m going to try to spend less tan $30 this trip so we’ll see how that goes. I also decided to just buy a few ThinkOrganic bars instead of ordering a new box of Larabars just to cut down on some expenses. I just really really really want to grocery shop!


Pre-workout snack

I wasn’t planning on having a pre-workout snack but since I pushed my run to later in the morning so the weather could warm up some, I was feeling quite hungry (that, and I needed some more brain fuel). I decided to have a Luna sunrise bar (the strawberry flavor). I seriously love these things. I’m not a huge fan of Luna bars in general, but the sunrise bars are delicious (especially the blueberry flavor). Yum.


My half marathon training plan started yesterday and my first run of the plan was today. I was looking forward to the run so much. But let me tell you…it absolutely sucked. My legs were tight, I couldn’t find my stride. Just all around meh. I keep telling myself that I need to do yoga but now it absolutely apparent that I have to do some yoga tonight. I did run for 40 minutes, however. And it was nice to just be out in the sunshine.


My lunch was hardly exciting: I had another large salad, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/2 whole wheat tortilla, and a banana. I’d have to say that the tortilla was definitely my favorite part of the meal; I love the taste of tortilla. But the salad, which was not from the “good salad place” left much to be desired. There’s just something about this salad bar’s lettuce that turns me off yet I keep going back because it is so unbelievably convenient. Oh well, I’m hoping dinner will be much better.


I’ve been munching on some of the baked almonds that I made over break…all afternoon. They are just so deliciously addictive and I cannot get enough of them. But I do believe that I have met my almond quota for the day. Finally. I don’t have a picture of these because they were in my mouth faster than I could say “almond”.

Sorry for the lack of good pictures this afternoon!

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